NaPoWriMo 2015

NaPoWriMo #14 – What If God Was One Of Us?

So, this poem came about from trying to write about my depression. I’m not sure at what point God became involved but it seemed like a fitting connection to make. While I used to be quite the anti-theist, I’ve sort of mellowed out a little so this poem isn’t intended as an attack on theists, however, the interpretation is no longer in my hands.


If I was God, I would cry myself to sleep each night.
Silent sobs, that shudder through my body,
because no-one should hear me weep.
The sun would never riseĀ and I
would cloak myself in night,
hide between the darkest colours I
could think up and unmake the stars.

Do not look for me in photographs,
I am not there, you’ll never find
the face I hate nor
the image I am made in.

My name would be unknown,
you’re so much easier to ignore that way
and whilst I’m twisting language,
I’d turn pleasure
into a dirty word,
thinking it would make the guilt drip out,
like poison from the serpent’s mouth –
see how it spreads.

If you tried to build a temple,
I would tear it down.
Kill the ones who love me most and
leave the rest to wonder
what went wrong.