NaPoWriMo 2015

NaPoWriMo #12 – How To Fix A Telescope In Outer Space

So, I decided to attempt a poem for children today because I was watching Daredevil and playing an old Playstation One game and felt nostalgic. It was also inspired by a headline on the BBC

1) Make a packed lunch. Better yet,
ask someone else to do it – if it makes them happy
they can go by Ground Control.
They can help with what comes next.

2) Set off at night, that way you can aim for the moon.
Plus, it’s cooler and stars are so pretty.

3) Take a friend. Someone that you trust
to keep you entertained. A pet will do
but don’t take a bird – they can’t swallow in space
and, as creatures with wings, are less likely to enjoy the view.

4) Wrap up warm ’cause space is cold. Like, really cold.
You know those days where you pretend to be a dragon,
shooting ice or steam at passersby, well it’s so much worse than that.
Take more socks than you think you need.
There’s no such thing as too many socks.

5) Kick off from the earth.
You may need some help with this.
Ask your dad if you can borrow his old and worn out brown work boots.
The thicker sole means one less inch to jump
and the leather makes an impressive crackling sound
whenever you leap up.

6) Hold hands (or paws) with your best friend,
no sense you spending half your time in space
trying to fight against a vacuum just to keep them close.

7) Once you’re high above the earth,
sneak a look back to the place you’ve left
but try, try, try to focus on the task at hand.
I know the lights are pretty and,
you can see which cities are asleep and those
who have no current need for electricity,
but you’re up here for a reason.

8) Keep looking until you see it
and swim towards the broken telescope
so you’re close enough to get to work.

9) Try not to drop your tools.
Imagine the mess it will make back home.
It’ll be a lot worse than your bedroom
and mum forced you to clean that up
so hold on with a tight grip.

10) Once it’s fixed, make sure that it’s working
by looking back at home. You will see proud faces smiling up
and if the vision starts to get a little blurry,
make sure to dry your eyes.