NaPoWriMo 2015

NaPoWriMo #28 – Advice For My Daughter

So, this is an idea that I’ve had bubbling in my notebook for some time but a very dear friend of me told me that they had similar plans so it seemed like a sign to put something out there. Hopefully, they won’t think I’ve stolen their idea.


Plant your feet far apart
and dare the world to push you over.
You will not have to ask, your
existence will cause them to try.
Learn coyness from sequoias,
demand the sharpest axes cut you down,
remind them that you’ll bring the forest with you
and you will make a sound,
oh such a sound,
though they won’t be round to hear it.

I will teach you words and how to use them,
what to do when no-one listens.
The world should know your voice,
don’t leave silence as you stride your way right through.

There are people you will want to love,
they won’t know how to let you
so show patience, in the first place,
and wisdom when it comes to let things pass.

Drink water. Even if you have a life
much happier than mine,
you’re sure to cry – don’t be caught
down on supplies. Buy a handkerchief,
it’s the kindest way to cry
when whole forests are cut down.

You matter, not because you’re mine but
cause you are made of matter
that decided to give life another try.
Make every momentĀ matter
so that atoms speak about you
’til they all come spinning to a stop.