Event: Panel Discussion 21st July – FREE TICKET LINK BELOW

This Friday, I’ll be taking part in a panel discussion to mark the start of the Summer 2017 Takeover Fest at Rich Mix




#ShahlaaDiscovers presents the TAKEOVER Launch, bringing urban music with a message to East London.


TAKEOVER Launch will use art to provoke, critique and question all of the current issues in our society. These are indeed interesting times, and after the recent events, young people are now actively being more engaged with the ideas that affect the world around them.

What does it mean to be a young woman in 2017?
Can anybody call England “Home?”
Is London bad for our health?
Are young people scared of a Revolution?

These are some of the questions that we’ll be looking at & discussing with a panel of young artists, musicians, theatre directors and spoken word artists, hosted by Mr Gee. By exploring our problems we seek to give voice to our solutions.

We will celebrate the beginning of TAKEOVER festival with live music set curated by #ShahlaaDiscovers featuring the freshest unsigned talent out there. Artists on the night will use music to express their concerns on revolution, home, identity, health and wellbeing. This is your chance to hear some soulful, futuristic RNB and Hip Hop from local urban artists who are destined for greatness.


Panel discussion & artistic provocations in response to the TAKEOVER themes featuring some of the TAKEOVER artists. Short debate with the audience members hosted by Mr Gee (poet laureate, co-founder of Chill Pill) and Rachel Long (poet, founder of Octavia).

Live music performance featuring 4 acts back to back, supported by a DJ. All of the artists are diverse, ranging from acoustic, to a group of 4, or a one-woman band. These artists style vary but they have been selected because they compliment each other’s sound and all have a strong message to share.

  • From the Rich Mix event page

If you’re interested in seeing me talk about my art, my new position and how I see my work incorporating the themes of mental health, then book your ticket NOW!

Tickets are free but must be booked in advance

Personal poetry

Exciting news!

So, completely unexpected, I’ve been asked to be the first Poet-In-Residence for UCL’s Institute of Global Prosperity – I’ll be writing a poem a month on the themes and work that the IGP grapples with.

This all came about through the Barbican – the head of the IGP, Professor Henrietta Moore, wanted someone to perform at her birthday party and, while that gig fell through, she did recommend me for a performance at a Summer School run by her department. The top pic on this post is from that performance and I had a lot of fun. Apparently, so did the IGP and I’m proud to be representing them through my words.

Personal poetry

An Invitation to St. Paul’s

The inbox today had a formal invitation for me to take part in a special round table poetry discussion held at St. Paul’s by Poet In The City. As with most of these things, I shall be attending as an ambassador of BYP.

I’m not entirely sure what form that is going to take but I accepted mainly because it gets me free entry into the Cathedral – I’ve long admired the building but have never been tempted enough to pay the extortionate entry fee.

The topic is going to be reclaiming London spaces. Given the Cathedral’s relationship with the Occupy movement, it’s an interesting forum for this discussion to say the least.